Sunday, June 29, 2008

How things look after a night of thunderstorms

Lovely plums...

Temps are climbing high again and everything is growing.
There is a squash growing out of the compost pile and
the squash are growing inside the garden.
The lettuce and peppers are rebounding from the Groundhog attack.
Lots of things are blooming right outside the garden fence as well.
Swiss chard, tomatoes,green beans and corn are growing like..well weeds.


Jessica said...

Your garden looks so yummy. My tomato plant did not quite like the thunderstorms like I did, but I think it will make out fine!

My Inspired Heart said...

Again, a lovely garden! Those squash plants look wonderful. Our garden, down here in south AL is nearly finished producing....We only have a few squash plants and tomatoes and okra still producing...everything else is done. We'll have to wait for our fall planting...