Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday musings

We picked a basket full of peas today.
Beautiful snow peas. It was hard not to eat them
all before we got inside, but we did it.
It has stopped raining, but is still very wet here.
Princess and I checked the herbs we planted
in pots the other day and the sweet potato we
put into another planter. We had also replaced the
purple cone flower in her butterfly garden that the Ground Hog
had eaten the top off of.I have not seen him back, but the replacement
plant was still there, so I'm guessing he found another place to dine,
or my neighbor captured him. There are several gardeners who will
try all season to catch these little buggers in our neighborhood.
The call to bring out the have a heart traps has already spread,
so I am sure we are all prepared.The birds, meanwhile have been having a lovely time
"smelling the flowers"

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