Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cherries and Berries!

Farmer Dad and Princess just brought in the first Golden Raspberry and Cherries
of the year! Wow!! They were sooo good.
They went back out to pick the rest of the radishes (I think) and some lettuce
and then they will bring in some roses. It is hot right now, but not nearly as hot
as it was the last two days.We have two more tomato plants to put in the ground,
and Farmer Dad is heading up to the Community Plot to plant them- there is just so much sun there.What's edible in your garden today?


ZILLA said...

Ummm ... rosemary? I potted two gorgeous rosemary plants -- miniature Christmas trees with a heavenly scent -- this morning. It was a struggle; I had to decrease the quality of my soil, because they like lousy soil with poor nutrients, and they hate wet feet. But, I got it done, and I can move the pots to follow the sun if necessary, whereas if I'd planted them in a bed, they would have received too little sun, AND they would not winter over since they're only hardy to 20 degrees.

Everything else I have is ornamental (except the filbert, which is not yet fruiting) this year. Next year I hope to do tomatoes in my upside-down tomato planter, in my treehouse, but I'll probably have to hand pollinate. I see hornets and bumbles, but no honey bees!

Why do you think I keep coming back here? I need to garden vicariously, of course!

Stephanie said...

Hmm... edible... We have carrots and broc and zucchini and beets. That's it! I'm still learning!

Outer Banks Mom said...

Your so lucky! I love the pictures :)