Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Groundhog and the damage done....

Can you hear the whine of Neil Young?
Yes, I'm feeling a bit abused by the whole
groundhog experience.He chomped off the tops of most of the peppers

and ate all the tasty new lettuce. It looks like he left more in
these pictures than it does in person.
We brought in some professional security...

So far it has worked. We are ready to re-think it when necessary.Perhaps my friend
Zilla has the right idea, and it is truly time for the plastic explosives.;-)


ZILLA said...

I hear Kenny.


Sarah said...

Aww, that's terrible.

The rabbits got into my lettuce last year, and ate all of the sunflowers this year, it's so annoying.

It's even more fun to see them hopping in and out of the rabbit fence :-).