Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I have been having trouble getting my latest pics to post,
so I will just tell you, it has been getting hot around here
again. I know it's shocking..being July in New Jersey and all
that...and most evenings we have had some rain if not thunderstorms.
Some areas quite near us have had serious storms, including tornado sightings,
but we keep missing the worst of it..for which we are grateful.
The Groundhog is still trying to get into the garden every day as far as I can tell,
but he has not breeched it yet...he is smarter than some critters, so I expect it
any day.
Things are blooming and growing and looking lovely early in the morning and tired and hot
in some spots in the heat of the day. Summer is here and we are enjoying it as much as we can.
Hope you are as well.

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