Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Our yard, I have been told, is filled with wild life.
We are pretty used to the critters who share our home,
but visitors keep pointing out that there are so many.
I took pictures over a time span of about thirty minutes,
here is some of what we saw....

see the squirrel in the have -a- heart trap, (I expected to see the ground hog).
Our resident Mr. Cardinal. (the Mrs. is harder to capture on film)Mr Blue Jay.
Flipper (who allows P to feed him/her clover)

Flipper's bud (or baby..we're not sure)
I had a harder time capturing the Robin family sitting in the pear tree feeding their fledglings,
or the elusive chipmunks who are everywhere all at once.
Thankfully, we are in the middle of the block, so we do not get deer and we have never had a bear,
unlike some of you, although one or two people have thought that was what the ground hog was.
We do get a lot of birds...

There are also other nocturnal animals underground who we never see, although we have a pretty good idea that they are here. They are all welcome, as long as the don't eat more than their fair share of the veg or berries,
or my flowers!! ;-)


Naomi said...

we have lots and lots of chickadees, the whitetail doves and a family of blackbirds?. i've seen a handfull of bunnies, including one tiny itsy bitsy bunny. and one very large squirrel...just one. certainly no where near the wildlife refuge you've got going on.

i got our blueberry bush at the lowes near you, on clearance for $8, i thought i told you about them...maybe you weren't listening to me...as usual...whatever...lol

ZILLA said...

If I tried to have -a- heart trap anything, I'd probably catch one of my three cats. The squirrels & chipmunks are unimpressed by the cats, but most other wee beasties seem to shy away from our lot :-)