Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting our cages in a row...

as the rain started, Farmer Dad placed cages on all the tomatoes and such in the garden.
It was a pleasant Father's Day here in the Garden State.
It is really feeling more like summer every day.

A shot of the fig tree.

Monday found the Ground Hog (Wood Chuck) showing up again.
Not once, but several times. I am trying to deter him, by running out
and chasing him off...wouldn't want him feeling as comfortable in our yard
as these two do.
Ground Hogs just eat too much, too quickly.......
It also rained here in the evening, and it was terribly windy,
but we were spared the brunt of the storms.

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ZILLA said...

Kate, have you tried sprinkling some cayenne pepper around the groundhogs' favorites? I've heard it really does deter most mammal pests, although I do not know whether it alters the flavor of fruit or vegetables. It's too bad they're so darned cute :-)

Do you plan to can or freeze? Hey -- have you ever tried one of those Seal-a-Meal or Food Saver devices? What's your take? I've been considering one, although all that plastic does concern me. (Seems we can't get along without plastic these days, and it's really doing a number on our oceans.)