Tuesday, June 3, 2008

He's Baaaack!

First things first, we have peas!! I was so busy the last few days, I had no time at all
to even check them, let alone blog about them. I am so happy. Last year the baby bunnies got
in the garden, and they ate all my pea plants!!So I had no peas! Can you even imagine a veg garden
completely pea less? The blackberries have flowers now too

And yes, he's back..the Ground Hog...well, not the same one (s)but...
yes, sure as it is the end of spring, some nasty old mean Wood Chuck Mama has
sent her little boys out into the big bad world, and one of them has picked our little
corner of the Garden State to make his home. I don't blame him...poor dear.
I want to live here too..it is quite nice especially early in the morning and early in the
evening when he visits. The sun is ever so gently dappling over the untreated lawn,
lush perennials and fruit and veg are everywhere.The sound of the wind chimes almost
always blocks out the traffic noise and my daughter does enjoy dressing up like Snow White
and singing to the wildlife.( She has yet to convince any of them to come in and help fold laundry
or sweep the floors, but hope does spring eternal)
Here are one of the two pairs of Morning Doves who call our yard home,
out for their late afternoon stroll. I hope they are not taking notice of all the weeds in that bed.


Naomi said...

my garden looks so sad next to yours. i did finally plant the beets, carrots and more lettuce and arugala today. but i somehow got confused that thought that 5' adn 50' were the same thing, so now i have to run out to hd and buy more fencing before pete tramples over my hard work. yeeesh.

Outer Banks Mom said...

Your garden is so neat and pretty! I love your blog :)

ZILLA said...

How much round would a groundhog grind if a groundhog could grind round?

My dad used to recite that.

Any self-respecting woodchuck would rather have grubs or grasses or berries (HIDE THE STRAWBERRIES!)

I think your furry little whistlepig is cute. But he better stay away from your berries!

Stephanie said...

Ha, ha, we have a pea-less garden, but no one in our house likes peas! I think I have a wild blackberry growing in under our fence in the corner of the yard - I can't wait to see if it is! Your garden looks fantastic! Ours is tiny compared to yours.