Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pickin' Peas

Princess and I have been picking a lot of peas.
If we are very good, we even get some inside the house
to cook gently. Most of the time we just eat them as we go.
There are a lot of fruits getting ready in our yard right now.
The squirrels removed my strawberries this year (next year they'll go in at the c.g. plot),
but we'll still have gooseberries,blackberries,raspberriesgrapes, currants and several fruit trees, like this pear,and plums,cherries,and a fig
This weekend was busy with working in our garden here at home,
and doing a bit more planting up at our community garden plot.
Ok, we tried to make some shade with a rain umbrella from
the back of my truck, and complained about all the heat and humidity,
while Farmer Dad planted and weeded and spread compost up at
the community garden plot.It was a beautiful day at the community garden
and all the plots look active and well maintained. Our plants are doing well there,
having full sun makes such a nice difference.You can see all the shade on our garden plot
at home and the time difference was about half an hour between shots.
This is our second year being involved in the community garden, and our first of really
making a plot of our own. We are actually sharing a plot this year as well, next year we made need
an entire plot for ourselves.

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Outer Banks Mom said...

We just harvested our last set of peas this week. :) Your lucky to still have some. They are SO yummy!