Friday, June 13, 2008

Where did Spring go?

It is too hot to be spring...isn't it?
We finally spread some mulch around the garden to
give the poor little plants a chance around here.
It is extremely important, as we water very little
around here. I have been visiting all of the gardening blogs
I can find (which means -way too much time on the computer)
and everything looks so green and all the lovely produce and
beautiful flowers!! I am green with envy.
Meanwhile I have roses that need deadheading and plants in pots that
do need some watering, and peas to be picked...the season is upon us.
Last night, while Farmer Dad spread mulch, I picked radishes and peas, and green
beans!! Our first green beans of the year!! I was so excited. I must make or buy some pirogies
and sour cream (nonfat plain yogurt will work too) to eat with them.Did I mention we have squash blossoms,
and corn silks? And more golden raspberries. Mmmm feels like summer
for sure!! So where did spring go?
And ..who did this???
Can you see the piece that has been chewed off? It was taller than Princess.
Oh well, could have been my bean plants and peas like last year......

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