Thursday, June 19, 2008

The fence has been breached...

Wednesday will known as the day the Groundhog figured out
the weak link in our fence, or the day Kate was proven correct,
and Farmer Dad had to say,"oh yeah, guess I should have taken
care of that." I am not bitter...he only ate some of the tender bits of lettuce
out there, while I had gone inside to get my basket to pick some for dinner.
Really, I am quite over it. The have-a-heart trap is set now (re-set actually), and he is out there...circling
my garden fence...trying to figure a way inside. Hopefully the smell of peanut butter on apple will do the trick
before he finds another "loophole".Have I told you all how yummy the green beans, peas and lettuce have been this year? The squirrels "captured' most of my sunflowers it appears. I will put more seeds in today I think.
Hope for the best.Meanwhile nobody has discovered the cucumbers planted outside the garden gate yet,
I am a bit surprised, but give it time.


ZILLA said...

Coming from the perspective of one (me) who has been lugging garden hose and sprinklers all day, trying to keep the hydroseed mulch "evenly dishrag damp" all day, it's time for plastic explosives.

I don't care if you've got gophers or chinch bugs or manganese deficiency or nematodes or ground hogs, plastic explosives are clearly the answer.

God bless Carl Spackler, wherever he is.

Naomi said...

i have a have a heart trap i was going to sell on craigslist. if you need to borrow it before i do, let me know. i bought it back when i was having the mouse/rat/possum situation. then someone pointed out to me that i'd have to pick up the trap w/ the whatever inside, put it in the car w/ me and my kid, drive it away and release it. yeah. soooo not happening.