Thursday, April 30, 2009

Asparagus ,Radishes and Spinach

The spinach is enjoying the cooler weather, as are the radishes

and the peas
The newest pear tree survived it's first winter in our little corner of the Garden State
and is happily nestled in the play area.

Farmer Dad prepares another bed for planting...

we made good use of the space to put some marigolds near the gate.

Some seedlings await their turn in the dappled sun.
Some of the green beans got planted next.

I really enjoy the hostas under these cedar trees.
We all worked so hard, that Pumpkin was exhausted from just watching from the window!
He's sleeping on the tablecloth meant for the side table next to him.
That is what I get for leaving the clean laundry sitting there. ;-)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Rednesday Again

It's that time again, my gal pal Sue has her Mr Linky up and ready.
If you are too shy to join and post your lovely redness, won't you stop
by to see what others are sharing? Feel free to tell her I sent you!
I love RED, so here is my contribution this week...
Our local "Red-Red Robin",
Some lovely red vintage linens, and since this is supposed to be a gardening blog,
I picked this "tomato" from my Grandmother's closet, we don't have any tomatoes growing
in our corner of the Garden State just yet, but take a look at this lovely red popping up
in the garden this week.....
Thanks as always for stopping by to check out our corner of the Garden State,
I'll be back tomorrow with new pics of what we're up to here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Long Time No Post

Spring is upon us here in the Garden State, and this year finds us busier
than ever! This weekend was the local Ag Day, and the weather is heating up!
We have a decent sized garden here in our backyard, and Farmer Dad
maintains a garden plot at a local college's Community Garden as part of their Organic
Garden Club. This year, Princess and I will have a small (10'x10') plot in our town's
Community Garden as well. It is right near the library, so pretty convenient for me. ;-)
Last night Farmer Dad and I went up to help with the "Fence Raising" and start a flower
bed around the new sign the town put in for looks so official! It was great!
So many local companies have donated materials and it looks like it will be a wonderful season!
I have some photos from around our yard, although I completely forgot to bring my camera last night to the Community Garden.Have I told you our cherry trees are in full bloom?

It's Cherry Blossom Time here in our little corner of the Garden State!

We've been eating asparagus every night for dinner!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My friend Sue, is hosting Today is Rednesday.
Here are her instructions...I hope some of you will join in.
Hello all you Redaholics out there! You got something RED and want to show it off? This is the place! New or old? Elegant or homely? Yours or "borrowed"? We'll take it, as long as it's RED!Here's how you do it:
1. Your Wednesday post has to be about something, anything, RED (even your nail polish!).
2. Sign up with the Mr. Linky at the end of this post (but only after your post is ready).
3. Make sure you have a link back to this blog so others can see who else is sharing today.
4. You can include my "Today Is Rednesday" logo in your post if you'd like. (I like to change the background of it often, and you're free to do so also - just leave the words the way they are). Or, you can use either of my "Wednesday is Rednesday" clips in your sidebar (you'll probably need to resize them).
Here is my contribution..
First, because this is supposed to be a garden blog, my red tulips.Second, my kitchen table. I bought it last year at a yard sale. The sides fold out.
I still have to strip off the bad paint job and repair the chairs, but I love it.
(the cookies are for Earth Day).Third, part of a demitasse set from my Grandmother.

Happy Rednesday! Be sure to head over to Sue's and see her red items.

Monday, April 20, 2009

What happens when I don't have time to blog

grab a slice of birthday cake and a cup of tea and join me as I stroll
around our little corner of the Garden State to see what's growing and blooming. In the veg patch
radishes,beets and peas ..oh my!

for Zilla....carrots..Purple Haze

for Ange..some succulent asparagus thrusting up out of the ground....

Even the trees are is my favorite "borrowed view"

sedum,"Autumn Joy" getting ready to impress

under the cedar trees

hostas poke up from the ground

plants long dormant over the winter spring out of the ground

bulbs put on a good show

Princess uses her new watering can (Thanks to the Easter Bunny)
to water the potted plants

the bushes are getting, well, bushy again.

I will be back tomorrow with more updates, and another bit of our little corner of the Garden State. Thanks for joining me..hope you liked the cake (Princess made it all by herself!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Raining on My Birthday

Could I get a better gift than free water for my little garden?
I don't think so. Although a lap top would be nice
Read more about the celebration of International KateinNJ Day
here. My peas are up enough, that I can see them from my kitchen window.
It just doesn't get any better than that! At least not this early in our season.
I will get new photos up soon. For those of you who do not "know" me,
my Grandmother passed away recently, and the services will be this Saturday.
Her house is full of 60+ years of "stuff" to be cleaned out. I'm doing my best to help
my sister clean it. Life will go on,as it always does eventually, but for now I'm feeling
out of sorts. If you are lucky enough to live where it is raining, I hope you'll take some time
to go outside and enjoy it for just a bit today.If it is not raining where you are get outside and
just do your best to enjoy skies and all. For me. ;-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fishing Trip

Princess and Farmer Dad practicing her casting

Princess looking forward to her first fishing trip with Farmer Dad

even though it was 7:30am and drizzling

An hour later, no longer drizzling, but full out raining.
Princess no longer enamored with the mystique of the Boys Fishing Trip.I got a
phone call .."Mommy..I don't like it here anymore, I am all ..garbage..bag..."
Of course I went and picked her up.Hot Cocoa and warm jammies helped.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

HR 875

I have been wanting to blog about this bill

for a while, but I just couldn't find verification

from my main farm peeps, mainly Farm Aid

I also did not hear a peep from my various

environmental watchdog groups.

Today I received this,

and I am glad I waited before going off half crazed (yes, I am well aware some would say whole-crazed) about stopping this bill.

Please stop by and read what they have to say, and feel free to write them a

BIG FAT CHECK while you are at it. ;-)

Remember...NO FARMS, NO FOOD.