Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lots of green

Green beans, green peppers, green lettuces, even green tomatoes.
The greenness is broken up slightly by yellow squash, and very colorful swiss chardThese tomatoes were volunteers that Farmer Dad dug up and moved into the old pea bed.
They look very happy this morning.

The only other color variation is on the lettuces,and the blackberries, but mostly you see green in our plot.
I am hoping to get up to the community garden plot some time this week to take some photos,
I hear there is acorn squash and pumpkins growing like gangbusters.
These are the pepper plants the Ground Hog ate down to almost nothing earlier this year.
As you can see, they are staging a comeback. with lots of jalapeƱos growing nicely.
Here is one of my happy little pollinators working hard in the early morning.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


That is how we spent our Sunday morning here in the
Garden State.
This is the "before".

Farmer Dad will like these photos, because they give the impression that
he is the one doing the work, while I "take the pictures".

I did uncover some butternut squash that had been covered by some mint gone wild.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

New photos...

here's what's growing in our little corner of
the Garden State right now.....

Green Beans,yellow squash

Various tomatoes

Various peppers

Did I mention yellow squash..and blackberries

Can you see the grapes out behind Alley?
She's sitting in Princess's window.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fruit Meme

I was tagged on my homeschool blog,
to do a Fruit Meme, and I thought
I'd post it here too, in case anyone wants to play along.

Wendy over at Zoom Times
tagged me for this garden themed Fruit Meme.....

1 How much space do you have?
maybe a quarter acre (?)

2 What fruit do you grow?
golden and red raspberries
2 plums
3 pears
black and red cherries
red currants
In the annual garden:
In the house...
pineapple although I have never been able to get fruit

3 Which is your favorite?

4 What do you most want to grow, but can't?
We are going to try it up at the community garden plot next year.
Be sure to let me know in the comments if you played along.
I will tag ,outerbanksmom
hopefully she'll play when she's feeling better.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jersey Corn!

Yup..we got some.
We have not perfected the growing of corn in our little
space, but we are working on it.This corn was grown by Princess, she started the seeds, planted the seedlings, watered, and harvested. She did not eat it however, she doesn't like corn.
The corn from the community garden plot were much bigger,
but that space gets full sun and we have more shade than sun here
in our little corner of the Garden State.
Princess has been helping Farmer Dad harvest every day.
Yesterday, we brought in peppers,corn,carrots,yellow squash green beans,a cucumber and a zucchini which I did not photograph for some reason.
Princess kept running in with another handful or basket fullof something or other.
"Take a picture of these carrots, look at these beans!!" LOL
I have to harvest some lettuce and swiss chard today and get out there for some pictures of
the tomatoes. They are growing like crazy, especially at the community garden. I have been
staying in the house out of the high humidity the last couple of days.
We are supposed to be in for some gully washing rain in the next few days, and that should
cool things off for a day or an hour.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Around the yard

Here is a photo of a couple of chipmunks enjoying
some leftover watermelon from Princess's wagon.

I love the sunshine and shade that move about the yard
over the course of the day.

Friday, July 18, 2008


This is the view over my kitchen sink.

Don't they look great?

I can't wait for harvest time...the smell of them ripe on
the tree...with a little goat cheese on some good bread.
It amazes me every year that we get more, this big old tree filled with figs began as a small
twig from my neighbor's tree as they were getting ready to sell their house.
There were about three of them on the back of their house before they moved in, the
old man who lived there before them had let them be and when he died at 103,
his nieces came and each took one of the smaller ones growing under the older big ones.
He was an interesting old man who lived simply off his piece of land, he took care of himself
right up to the end. Hanging his clothes on the line in the backyard to dry every other day.
With each new owner, we worry that they will not understand what they have and ruin it.
Each one has, just a bit. But we feel better knowing that a little bit of the gardening
Mr Bartholomew did is alive and well in our yard today.
Our tree is now bigger than what was is left in his old yard,
and I think of him often while I do my dishes.

Monday, July 14, 2008


We have been getting a lot of green beans, our plants are still really little, but
the beans just keep coming.
Last year we had none at all, thanks to the Ground Hog, so I wanted to make the most
of this years harvest. I normally freeze my beans, but the results don't stand up well, and
my blog friend, Twice Bloomed Wisteria,
had previously posted about canning green beans with directions even I could follow.
I will link them here.
I ended up using a yellow squash that Farmer Dad brought in as well in a few of the jars.
I like them together and figured I would try it.
They look good to me..not as pretty as Wisteria's, but oh well.
I will enjoy them in the winter even if they are not as pretty in the jar!
I plan on doing it again, but we wanted some for fresh eating, so I just did a batch
and a half this time.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Finally some pictures...

I have been experiencing some technical difficulties in the picture loading department,
so here from this week...
some flowers....

A couple of our "crew" (pest control)
The fig tree
Hostas under the cedars
Here are the beans and swiss chard (tomatoes in the background)
Now I need to get off my duff and go pick some beans..and some chard...and some lettuce...
and check on that corn and the squash. I forgot to photograph our first yellow squash and zucchini
of the season,
but we ate them last night over farfalle and olive oil and Mmmm, they were good.