Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lots of green

Green beans, green peppers, green lettuces, even green tomatoes.
The greenness is broken up slightly by yellow squash, and very colorful swiss chardThese tomatoes were volunteers that Farmer Dad dug up and moved into the old pea bed.
They look very happy this morning.

The only other color variation is on the lettuces,and the blackberries, but mostly you see green in our plot.
I am hoping to get up to the community garden plot some time this week to take some photos,
I hear there is acorn squash and pumpkins growing like gangbusters.
These are the pepper plants the Ground Hog ate down to almost nothing earlier this year.
As you can see, they are staging a comeback. with lots of jalapeƱos growing nicely.
Here is one of my happy little pollinators working hard in the early morning.

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ZILLA said...

Back when I was a member of Women's National Farm & Garden Association, we used to say, "Green goes with EVERYTHING!" and it's true. My favorite colors to pair with green, though, are all shades of purple. Think ... asparagus stalks, artichokes, allium, coneflower, thistles, and leaf lettuces. I thought of that because I love the pretty blackberries against the green leaves. I hope you snap some pics of your grapes as they ripen! Our grapes (wild ones) have climbed so high into the oaks that I doubt we'll get a glance of the pretty colors ...

Your garden is a riot of growth!