Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fruit Meme

I was tagged on my homeschool blog,
to do a Fruit Meme, and I thought
I'd post it here too, in case anyone wants to play along.

Wendy over at Zoom Times
tagged me for this garden themed Fruit Meme.....

1 How much space do you have?
maybe a quarter acre (?)

2 What fruit do you grow?
golden and red raspberries
2 plums
3 pears
black and red cherries
red currants
In the annual garden:
In the house...
pineapple although I have never been able to get fruit

3 Which is your favorite?

4 What do you most want to grow, but can't?
We are going to try it up at the community garden plot next year.
Be sure to let me know in the comments if you played along.
I will tag ,outerbanksmom
hopefully she'll play when she's feeling better.

1 comment:

ZILLA said...

Can I play along in the comments? Please?

My lot is 100x158 feet. With the exception of Filbert nuts, which may or may not one day appear on our new-this-year Filbert tree, we unintentionally grow acorns, and poison ivy berries, both wonderful fodder for birds and woodland animals. We intentionally grow holly berries, which the birds love, but they're on the side of the house we don't see.

Not much of a fruit farmer, am I?