Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jersey Corn!

Yup..we got some.
We have not perfected the growing of corn in our little
space, but we are working on it.This corn was grown by Princess, she started the seeds, planted the seedlings, watered, and harvested. She did not eat it however, she doesn't like corn.
The corn from the community garden plot were much bigger,
but that space gets full sun and we have more shade than sun here
in our little corner of the Garden State.
Princess has been helping Farmer Dad harvest every day.
Yesterday, we brought in peppers,corn,carrots,yellow squash green beans,a cucumber and a zucchini which I did not photograph for some reason.
Princess kept running in with another handful or basket fullof something or other.
"Take a picture of these carrots, look at these beans!!" LOL
I have to harvest some lettuce and swiss chard today and get out there for some pictures of
the tomatoes. They are growing like crazy, especially at the community garden. I have been
staying in the house out of the high humidity the last couple of days.
We are supposed to be in for some gully washing rain in the next few days, and that should
cool things off for a day or an hour.


ZILLA said...

Princess appears pleased with plenty of produce.

You know, I'm all shade in the back, but could eek out a garden in the front, IF I could figure out a way to make a raised bed to line the walk from the driveway to the porch. Mulling mulling mulling, how to do this without spending an arm and a leg on materials, yet creating a design that's "front yardish" enough.

Naomi said...

I was just looking at our corn today wondering when are you suppose to pick these things? Same with the carrots. And even the summer squash, which I have growing an abundance of. I figure I'll need another two to three weeks for my kitchen to function again, so maybe I'll just wait until then.