Monday, April 13, 2009

Fishing Trip

Princess and Farmer Dad practicing her casting

Princess looking forward to her first fishing trip with Farmer Dad

even though it was 7:30am and drizzling

An hour later, no longer drizzling, but full out raining.
Princess no longer enamored with the mystique of the Boys Fishing Trip.I got a
phone call .."Mommy..I don't like it here anymore, I am all ..garbage..bag..."
Of course I went and picked her up.Hot Cocoa and warm jammies helped.


Ange said...

All wet and wearing a garbage bag...

Poor kid!
And so unfair. It's not always that way, but good luck convincing her next time, right?

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

So thats what she said " a garbage bag".... hahaha... It would be different if the fish was more sympathetic by nibbling her baits non-stop .... cheers! ~ bangchik

Tara said...

That is NOT a happy face in the shot with the "garbage bag"... had to laugh at that.

JGH said...

Awww- well, she gave it a shot! Good for her. I have some of those yellow "garbage bags" saved from camp. I fold them up and put them in the trunk in case of unexpected rainstorms. They come in handy sometimes.