Thursday, April 30, 2009

Asparagus ,Radishes and Spinach

The spinach is enjoying the cooler weather, as are the radishes

and the peas
The newest pear tree survived it's first winter in our little corner of the Garden State
and is happily nestled in the play area.

Farmer Dad prepares another bed for planting...

we made good use of the space to put some marigolds near the gate.

Some seedlings await their turn in the dappled sun.
Some of the green beans got planted next.

I really enjoy the hostas under these cedar trees.
We all worked so hard, that Pumpkin was exhausted from just watching from the window!
He's sleeping on the tablecloth meant for the side table next to him.
That is what I get for leaving the clean laundry sitting there. ;-)


Ange said...

Well done! Everything looks fabulous!

zilla said...

Lookin' good, Kate!

I am amazed at how much further ahead your hostas are!