Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Community Garden

We're getting one in our town!!

I'm very excited. We do not have

enough space in our yard, and we are limited by our

lack of full sun. The site is near my library, and full sun.

The plots will be 10' x 10'. Not much, but full sun.

Now I really have spring fever!


Naomi said...

congrats! my town is talking about it too. prob never going to happen, but ya never know. all this nice weather has me yearning to get the garden going :)

SueLovesCherries said...

Oh, what a thrill! Sounds fabulous! Don't forget your pup tent and potty chair - you'll need them because you'll want to live there!!!

JGH said...

We have one but there seems to be a long waiting list and I can't figure out who to contact to get on it! Better to get in on the ground floor.

BTW. I hope you're not entering the HGTV dream home contest. Because I plan to win that ;-)

Ange said...

60 degrees and sunny (half an hour ago--now it's scary cloudy and 50, uh-oh).
Got the spring fever something fierce this year.
Love the picture with the seed packets. I had to tell Pickles to put a bunch back a couple weeks ago. She still grabbed the watermelons, though, and I couldn't resist.

I'm hoping we get all of our flooding over with earlier this year. I got washed out in May last year, and got a late start, so my cold plants weren't too happy with the hot June/July weather.

Thanks for spreading some spring.
I know it's gonna get cold again, but it's never too early to plan!

You can get a lot in 10 x 10! Can't wait to see.

zilla said...

A community garden right next to your library? God help us, woman! We won't see you at all after the frost date!

Michael said...

I'm ready for the spring as well. We have had a small sample as of late and I am looking forward to the future. Michael

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Community gardens are the best!!! After you finish working in yours, you get to walk around and see what everyone else is growing. If you have a chance, go back to last summer in my blog and see what our community garden looked like. We are also very excited to sign up again this year.
♥, Susan