Friday, February 27, 2009

64 degrees and snow on the way

You heard me. What is with that? Oh yeah, I remember,
it is still winter! It was so warm today, I thought spring had arrived.

I have seeds sprouting (mostly mustard), These are from Johnnies but all our
seed company preferences are listed on the right somewhere.and branches blooming (plum branches)

(inside, not outside), and we played outside without coats on today.

Just a break in the weather? Maybe. It's OK, I'll take it. I was able to
open the windows to let out all the germs from our being sick the last week
and a half (or more?) and let the fresh air in.Then the rain came.
It's too cloudy to see Venus.


JGH said...

So it looks like things are underway at your house! You've inspired me to bring in some cherry branches and try forcing them soon.

So, what variety of figs are you growing? I'm thinking about getting one and am wondering if Brown Turkey or Hardy Chicago would be better. There's one other type -- can't remember the name...?

No more snow up here so far.

Tara said...

I'm glad you had a warm break. Airing out the house for the first time in the spring feels so wonderful!