Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More snow!

As I sat inside, toasty and warm, it snowed again on Monday.
Not as much as we would have liked, but Princess and I did get
out in it while it was coming down. It was lovely.

We made snow angels, and I pulled her around on her sled.
We tried making a snow critter, but it was hard to photograph.
We went outside at 12:30 and when Farmer Dad got home around 4:00pm
we were still there. We had totally lost track of time out there.

I know many of you have had so much snow this year, you can't wait for it to end,

but here in our little corner of the Garden State we are still singing.."Let it snow,let it snow..let it snow!" (Just so you all know..when I type it it sounds like Dino is in my head!)


Patsi said...

Fun fun fun !!!

Anne Keismanq said...

Thanks for linking to Green Hour in your side bar. Consider posting your pictures of your children outside in Green Hour's Flickr pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/greenhour/

Anne Keisman
Green Hour

Ange said...

Excellent angel!

We're supposed to get some snow today or tonight...
You've inspired me to get over my dislike of the cold and go out with the kids for fun's sake.
I had all good intentions last year, so picked up some XL girl's pink snowpants. Not exactly Tractor Supply impressive, and I think the ponies snicker at me every time they see me in them. But they're what it takes to keep me warm enough.
Time to embrace the cold and stop wishing time away!
Thanks for the reminder.