Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Are you filled with big plans about what to grow
in 2009? Planning your spring garden already?
Waiting for the new seed catalogs?
What are your favorites?
I am filled with ideas..need to do something with these..

and these...

I am hoping to build a patio under this...

We also picked up a water fountain from my Grandfather's garden, I am hoping to put it somewhere too. I am just not sure where.I have heard a rumor that more snow will be coming soon...we will stay inside unless it's enough to play in. We'll be dreaming of spring, and all the promise of a new gardening season. Happy New Year!


zilla said...

Out of curiosity, we bought some purple carrots at our co-op a couple of weeks ago. Actually, before they were peeled, their color was kind of a purply-brown. Beneath the surface, the purple was more vibrant and some bright orange revealed itself too. Cooking really brought those colors to life!

We steamed them, just barely to fork tenderness, as I like my veggies with some fight left in them. They were so sweet and very pleasantly flavorful!

Since then I've discovered that highly pigmented carrots have a long history in various regions of the world, and, of course, the different pigments have different values. Purple carrots are high in anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants.

If you run across seeds for purple carrots that suit your region, I'm sure Princess would think they are the most beautiful technicolot steamed vegetable she's ever been invited to try!

They're my new favorite root vegetable, and if I had any luck at all growing root vegetables, I would grow several rows of these!

Not to push, but check this out:

Kate in NJ said...

lol, They were on our "list" a couple of years ago, but we waited too long to order seeds..they were sold out. We will try harder this year. Going to check out the link now. ;-)

Patsi said...

I like snow ! Maybe that's because we don't get much.
Plans for building your garden are so much and exciting !
I wonder what people do when all the beds are in place and they're happy with most of the plants. Does the fun end ?
Already got some really pretty seed catologs with really pretty catolog pictures. :/
Will be picking seeds this month to start indoors come March.
Best Wishes,

JGH said...

Hi Kate and happy New Year! Are you going to use those flat stones for the patio under your table?

So far just Johnny Seeds and White Flower Farm have arrived. I usually end up ordering from John Scheepers.

inadvertentfarmer said...

I love the possibilities of a new year. It looks like you've got the materials to make yours a great one...I love stone! Kim

Patricia said...

I've ordered way to many seed already. Is that possible? I don't have much property but I've been planning to turn our front yard into a vegatable garden now for years. I hope I can get my husband to stop digging it up.

Wayne Stratz said...

stumbled here from blotanical. cool that you are adding water to your garden. a fountain has been thought about here, but has not happened yet. good luck with it,once the snow season has passed.

alpharat said...

We have way too little space for much gardening, but we're going to devote some space to the two things we spend waaay too much money on now: basil (we go through a lot) and heirloom tomatoes (which are my addiction).

Happy 2009! Good Growing.

Word verification: nectabl

Which may be a good way to describe the flavors of some heirloom tomatoes - simply nectabl!

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all for commenting.
Yes, we are going to try the stone under the table if I win the toss..
Farmer Dad has other plans. ;-)