Monday, January 26, 2009

Down the Shore

Saturday found us driving down to the Sandy Hook area to pick

up some vintage linens a wonderful lady posted for free on Craigslist.

Because we were so close, we stopped off at Sandy Hook for a little
shell hunting. Princess was actually hoping to find some "Mermaid's Purses",
but we only found crab shells and such. It was gorgeous..and COLD.

Seriously cold. Fortunately there was a bathroom open, but we did not

stay long, you know because it was cold. Farmer Dad was really not dressed for it,

because it was quite warm up near us (50's).He doesn't like cold anyway..ever.
The wind was whipping us about, but we headed home with joy in our hearts.

that only comes from spending some time down near the water.


Ange said...

You sold me. I miss the beach.

No fan of being cold, myself, but am trying to keep my spirits peppy with the notion that winter is good for gardens, right?
And I am cheered each morning by my bulbs coming up in the west window. I tell myself that by the time they bloom, weather will be ...pre-springy?
Like an hour glass, only it grows.

*Been having trouble keeping up with everyone, and I need to get on top of that before planting season gets here. See how I keep talking about it like spring is just around the corner??? It's what's keeping me going.

Wonderful shots of your family and the shore. Sounds like a great day.

JGH said...

A good reminder that you can have fun at the beach, even when you can't swim. Looks like you had a great time.

I grew up on the west coast of Florida and we'd go to the beach for picnics in the wintertime. Of course the heaviest thing we wore was a denim jacket.