Monday, January 12, 2009

A bit of snow was followed by freezing rain

So instead of being able to make snowmen, and build igloos,
we could only scamper and skibble about over the bit of ice and
snow. We managed to have a bit of fun.
It was nice to get outside on this lovely sunny day.
It was 27 degrees, and the weather people say that is the
warmest we will see here for a while. Princess and I will be inside checking out
more seed companies and looking at This Old House Magazine which
I borrowed from our library. They spotlight a woman in Oregon and her
chickens and such and I want her chicken coop! I am green with envy over
her water cisterns as well. I had several people ask me here and at Blotanical
about which seed companies I prefer. We usually order from Johnny's
and Baker, although we keep our eyes open to new things we would like to
grow. We try to keep it organic and heirloom, and we're happy to say these
two companies help keep it that way.Who's your fave?


JGH said...

I also like Johnny's - they seemed to have lots more organic stuff this year. I'm waiting til I get a Baker catalog to order though - I want to see what they have first. I also order from John Scheeper's every year.

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

Those last two took my breathe away!

I don't like snow... but I sure love to look at it.