Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday

I'm back to celebrate Vintage Thingies Thursday, I've been absent as I try to
figure out how to get my photos on my brand new lap top Farmer Dad and Princess
got for me as a Birthday gift. (Yes, I finally found one I liked, and he thought was good
enough, that I didn't think was way too much
Anyway, I wanted to post about these dishes, and couldn't figure out how to get the photos
on here, when I remembered I posted them on my homeschooling blog originally, so here
I give you that original post, along with some small editing. I still LOVE these dishes,
but I was never able to use the beautiful Vintage garbage can for my potato growing, Farmer Dad is using it to store tools or something. He confiscated my lovely,pristine garbage can,
to prevent me from "damaging" it by filling it with compost and soil!
Just a reminder Farmer still owe me a can for said potatoes!
One Thursday, I saw an ad on Craig's List about people clearing
out stuff from their house a few blocks from us, and had thought
about going, but just hadn't done it. Friday afternoon I drove past
on my way to the library, and recognized the house as having belonged
to a friend of my Grandfather's who died a year or two before my Grandfather.
I didn't stop and after reading a bit at home, I thought about it and realized that
they may have some old
pots and pans or canning jars, I should stop by. It was raining again, but I got out and saw
stuff lining the driveway next to a dumpster, and a box of canning jars was there amongst a bunch of stuff I didn't need or want. I rang the doorbell to be sure it was all right to take what was there, and the man told me they had more on the side porch. He gave me a garbage bag
and pointed out some stuff I might want. I put them in the bag more because he thought I should than because I wanted them. He went back inside and then came out and said he had some dishes in the basement..would I like them? I asked if they were heavy and he said yes, but he would drag them to next to the stairs and I could look at them. He went inside and came back out a minute or so later with his son carrying one of those old metal garbage cans.
My first thought was "I'm taking whatever it is to get that can!" (perfect for my potato plans)
He shows me a dish with a pretty pink flower and I said "oh that's pretty" and he said
"you'll need a truck to get it home" I told him I had one. He went inside and I carried the can
(boy was it heavy!) to my truck in the drizzle. It took me a bit to get it up high enough,
but I did it. (I really wanted the can!) I went back for the plastic bag and the box of canning jars,
and he came out again..shocked that I got it by myself. He had gone in to put proper shoes on
to help me carry it apparently. We laughed, he thanked me for helping him get rid of the "old stuff",I said thank you petted the poodle who had befriended me and drove carefully off to my house. I honked twice to alert Farmer Dad that he should come help, and he carried the can inside.
It was musty smelling from being in the basement filled with old newspaper (1961 and 1963)
on top was the plate he showed me,
and then we unwrapped, and unwrapped until we had unwrapped all of this.
They are Stuebenville ! Service for 8 and only a few pieces even have any signs of wear.
Who tosses them out? They were going to toss these
into the dumpster if no one wanted them. The jars are old jelly jars..9 of them just like this
One man's junk truly is this gal's treasure! Baccala..wherever you are..we are enjoying your dishes..thank you.


Barb said...

Love the color of those dishes, and the little jars with the tin lids.

barbara jean

Coloradolady said...

Oh my stars!!! What wonderful dishes, and a whole set...I can not even imagine...I am still stunned. Girl, I would have needed a trailer, and would have hauled all his stuff to the house!!!

What a great had me on the edge of my seat, because I just knew it was a sparkling ending!!! Lovely dishes. Truly.

Happy VTT!!

~~Carol~~ said...

Great story, and what a beautiful set of dishes! Thank goodness you were there to save them from the dumpster. I really like those jelly jars too. Will you leave them as is, or put some pretties in them?

Postcardy said...

It's amazing all the stuff that gets thrown away.

ClassyChassy said...

Boy - did YOU Hit the jackpot! Great items - lucky YOU!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh you hit the JACKPOT with that gorgeous dinner's simply STUNNING!!..LUCKY YOU :)

Carrie said...

What a great story...imagine getting 8 place settings of that lovely vintage china, all for free!

Susan said...

A very nice treasure trove.

LV said...

I cannot imagine anyone throwing away such a great set of dishes. What a find for you. Great post.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

you are so lucky! glad you stop over.. and see what you got! a treasure worth going! love the dishes.. so pretty.. Happy VTT & have a great day

Miri said...

A beautiful, classic 60s set of dishes! I just love the shape of the coffee pot- gorgeous...and your set is complete down to the butter dish! Fantastic!

The mixing of the colors of the salad plates and the saucers with the rest of the set...and some think that's a new idea!

Bea said...

OHMY! How wonderful that you got all of those dishes. Can you imagine them in the dump? Breaks my heart.