Saturday, June 20, 2009

Still raining in the Garden State

Alert the butterflies...we have flowers on their bush! We also have some lovely plums...

Farmer Dad and I both thought we would get up to our Community Garden plots today to
weed and mulch some more, but it is not to be. It is raining again in the Garden State.
In case you are all concerned, we are safe and sound inside today, the Ark is coming along
just fine, but we are still waiting for the two Zebra, and two Ostrich to show up.
All the other animals have arrived, but sad to say we took a vote, and the Ground Hogs
will be turned away on this voyage. Please don't cry too long over their fate, there is far too much water here already, and we are leaving them with plenty of provisions.
Before the rain started up again this morning, we were out picking more peas, and
golden raspberries, and a bit of lettuce, and we even weeded a bit and planted two new
raspberry plants my sister picked up on Freecycle for me (Thanks Shell). The bees were making sure we will soon have blackberries as well.
We also re-planted a baby blueberry bush that something had pulled out of the ground, and re-filled the bird feeders. Then we watched the birds from the dry kitchen.

This little gal was watching me watch the other birds at the feeder.

Here's hoping the rain doesn't wash out all the crops, and the sun returns someday soon.


black eyed susans kitchen said...

Kate, The garden looks lovely and like it is going to give you some wonderful produce this summer. Fruit trees are one of those things we never put in. It must be fun to pick your plums. We are also looking forward to a little sunshine.
♥, Susan

SNJGardener said...

The Animal Kingdom Zoo near Columbus NJ has Ostriches. - Dave

Chawksgirl4ever said...

wow how beautiful but i'm really disapointed there are no pictures of the groundhog!