Monday, June 15, 2009

Golden Raspberries,Lettuce and Peas, Oh My!

A view from my kitchen window...
Begs you to get out to pick these...
That is pretty much what our weekend was filled with.
Along with mowing the overgrown lawn, weeding the flower beds and garden.
Deadheading the flowers. The rain has everything looking soggy and sat upon.

We did have a small yard sale this weekend, while we weeded and all that.
It was pretty good for last minute, and we cleared out some much needed space.
I have big plans this summer, which is right around the corner, and I need to make some room.
We were able to harvest more lettuce, beet greens,swiss chard,some herbs, and the first of the
golden raspberries and peas. Snow peas and pod peas. Yum!

I have about a billion mosquito bites in places no bug should be, and Princess
and Farmer Dad? Not a one. He claims it is all that British "Blue Blood", I guess mine
is more Sicilian Marinara, cause the bugs sure LOVE me!
Can't you just feel summer coming closer when you see this cone flower getting ready to flower?
I am not sure how these roses still had petals it after the hard rains we had here.((hugs))KateinNJ


JGH said...

It's pretty soggy here still, too. Those golden raspberries are really special! Now I see where my echinacea would be if they hadn't been gobbled by deer (sob!) Enjoy the harvest.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Kate, What a beautiful post! The golden raspberries are impressive and your garden is showing how wonderful the weather has been for the cool weather crops like the peas. I am also the one who attracts the mosquitoes. I wonder why that is?
♥, Susan

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Everything is looking good !
I'm getting hungry. :)
The grass needs to be cut 2 times a week here also but looks great.