Friday, March 27, 2009

Too busy to blog

Oh yeah, it must be spring! We have been starting seeds, weeding,
watching the bulbs come up, moving seedlings outside to the greenhouse

during the day and back in at night. It has been cold here at night!!
The rain came yesterday, hopefully it will lure my peas out of the ground.
So we don't have to do more of this...

I'll check on that a bit later today.

Isn't it pretty?


Tara said...

I like the boards you have separating parts of your garden. I told my husband about them and he said -
"Okay, we'll do ours like your blog friend Kate."

zilla said...

Very pretty.

I should add some white to my purples this year...

Please ID second picture from the top? Lovely. I want some!

A. said...

Isn't it lovely? Spring! We suddenly have cheery, yellow daffodils in our yard.