Saturday, March 7, 2009

The sun is shining

and all the plants are outside for some fresh air.

It is warming up enough to open the windows
and walk outside without a coat. The greens are enjoying it,

and the crocuses are out.

Yesterday was still gray and snow covered.
But the cardinals were at the feeder, and that always brightens my day.

The same could be said of this lovely Paper white sitting on the kitchen table.
The living room will have a bit of bloom to cheer it soon as well.
These plum branches are just about ready to open up.

We might have been inside keeping warm, but ,George, the "cat next door"

was hard at work, patrolling the grounds. Don't fear for the birdies, he is not a bird cat.

He takes care of any rodents, the doves and other birds don't mind him a bit.

Maybe, because he has birds in his house, he does not bother the wild birds.Or, maybe there are enough rodents in the neighborhood to satisfy his need to hunt.


Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

You live in Wonderland...

it is so gorgeous!

zilla said...

I am so happy for you! Really, happier than envious! I promise!

Does Pumpkin go outside?

My cats STILL will not brave the outdoors and the crusty layer of snow on the lawn.

Litterbox duty is getting very old! And stinky!