Monday, June 4, 2012

The cherries are coming

See the big tree in the middle? My Princess is right under it...Need to look closer? Can you see them? Not all of them are red yet, but the ones that are..

They are beautiful!

They are so delicious too...if you can reach them...

If the birds and squirrels get to them before we do, well, we'll just hope we get some plums first. ;-)
The plum is a dwarf, and we can all reach up and pick from it, the cherry was here way before us, and
it is not a dwarf variety. It is also on it's "last legs" according to our arborist, but neither of us can ever
bring ourselves to cut it down. Yes, it shades the tomatoes and such, but it is so pretty, and we always have high hopes that we will get to the cherries first. When we do, it is so worth it!


Tree Service Queens said...

Oh my! The last shot is gorgeous, could you please post more pictures with farther away shots? I would love to see the whole thing in grand view. Happy gardening, and keep it up!!

-Oscar Valencia

black eyed susans kitchen said...

What a beautiful tree!!! I didn't even know that cherries grew in NJ. How is the garden doing?