Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

There will be a lot of picnics and parties this weekend as folks around here usher in the Summer season. The beaches will no longer be free, and soon won't be empty either, summer clothes will all go on clearance, and there will be parades. But I feel it is important to remember that
Memorial Day is about honoring all those men and women who have died in all wars.
We have a few picnics to attend and we will be having some fun right here in our own backyard as well. We will also take a moment to remember those who gave their lives, not just for our freedoms and rights as Americans, but for the rights and freedoms of citizens all over the world.
In my family, my Grandparents often spoke about my Grandmother's younger brother who died in Korea. His purple heart sits with a stack of his letters home from basic training in a cedar chest at the end of my bed. I never knew him, but I still "remember" my great Uncle Eddie as a hero.
I hope you will all take just a moment to remember all those men and women who have given their all for all those back at home.

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This is lovely.