Friday, March 25, 2011


Does it feel like Spring to you? Here in our little corner of the Garden State you can feel it in the air.
The trees are budding up.

The bulbs are coming up all over the place.

The Ground Hog has made an appearance.

And yes...
we got a bit more snow....

It's ok, we brought a few branches inside after pruning the plum trees this past weekend

and so even with some snow on the's Spring here.
I hope you are feeling it too!


Anonymous said...

Kate, Are you looking forward to the weather warming up a bit more? So far, I think Spring is giving us the cold shoulder. In case you didn't know, the free movie series started at the Basie again, and there are two that your daughter might like...Fantasia and Finding Nemo.
♥, Susan

Kate in NJ said...

Yes, Sue..for sure.
Thanks for the heads up..we will be Love the C.B.!!