Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can you hear the leaves falling?

Farmer Dad has been spending a lot of time sucking up leaves.
We watch others rake, but he likes to suck them up with the lawn mower
and mulch them into the bag and compost them.
The pretty red maple leaves look prettiest under the trees in the back of the yard.
Our town picks up the leaves to be composted as well, and many of our neighbors put their
leaves into the street for pick up. Many of those end up in our yard when the wind blows.
The two house across the street, make a big "leaf bin" every year that they share.You can't see it in this picture, because it is wire, but it runs from the maple tree branch on the left
to the telephone pole just to the right of the maple tree.
They add the leaves, and when the leaf collection truck comes, the guy just gets out and "opens the bin"
and sucks up all the leaves. Keeps them out of the road, which is important, because we live on a very busy road.
We just keep mulching ours here.Because the trees just keep dropping them.
There are quite a lot sitting on the garden right now as well.

What do you do with your leaves?
I got a shot where you can see the bin..sort of. Remember the other day I said our maple
would be one of the last to have leaves..well, forget I said it..this year it will not be true.
The rain took out quite a few of them.


Patsi said...

Hi Kate,
Great post.
We also rack leaves. Blowers were blasting 3 at a time this past Sunday morning. Just lovely.
I tend to ignore the leaves in my beds telling myself it's good protection for the perennials over the winter. :)
Before the many old trees were cut down on our property there was no room at the curb to park.Our city also uses the leaves for compost which is where we get a truck load every year. We can't make enough for ourselves but do have a small compost bin.
Have a great day.


JGH said...

Have you ever heard the saying "Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing is like shovelling the driveway when it's still snowing? " I kinda feel that way about leaves. But I have no excuse because they're almost all down now.

zilla said...

I'm sore from leaf duty.

I feel guilty for blowing rather than raking, but I'm working alone these days. Also, the blower actually seems more effective than a rake on the acorns.

Our city picks up leaves and other yard waste -- even tree limbs. Still, I've been moving most of the leaves into the wooded vacant lot on the side of my house -- not Barbara's side, the other side. I throw a lot of garden compost over there, to fill in the low spots. It's also where I throw the bunny-poo. I know I'm encroaching, but the lot is one of three on which is centered a vacant house. I will probably do this until the place is inhabited.

Glad you asked, aren't you?

I am so sore!