Friday, May 16, 2008

Tomatoes go in, and the rain comes down

We finally put our tomatoes in the ground last night.
We have culled down our list a bit to the tomatoes we especially liked
and there was a great deal more debate over this than "normal" households
may think. Because
  • A)we have limited space, and so we just can not grow all we want.
  • B)you cannot live on Tomatoes alone (hard to believe, I know,but it is true.)

We still have more plants, and hopefully we'll be able to plant them
this weekend at the community garden plot.
Two of each variety went in unless otherwise noted.
The varieties in are as follows (there may be additions/changes later)
  1. Green Zebra
  2. Amish Paste
  3. Big Month
  4. Eva's Purple Ball
  5. Kosova
  6. Azoycka
  7. Tappy's Heritage
  8. Mortgage Lifter
  9. Rouge d'Iraq
  10. Bonny Best
  11. Bloody Butcher
  12. Cherokee Purple
  13. Big Rainbow
  14. Paul Robeson
  15. Black Krim
  16. Anna Russian
  17. Prudence Purple
  18. Purple Russian
  19. Japanese Black Trifle
  20. Rose
  21. Giant Belgium
  22. San Marzano (4)
  23. Amana Orange
  24. Golden Ponderosa*
  25. Orange Heirloom
  26. Pineapple
  27. Dad's Sunset
  28. Flame
  29. Golden Pineapple
  30. Thai Pink Egg (1)
  31. Black Prince (1)*
  32. Russian Persimmon*
  33. Snowball
  34. Orange Banana
* I must remember to save seed for these varieties this year.
I did not get pictures, and it is raining today, so maybe tomorrow.

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