Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things are seriously Greening up around here

Welcome back to our little corner of the Garden State.
We have been eating lettuce,asparagus and radishes
from the garden so far. The tomatoes, peas,corn,carrots,beets,parsnips
swiss chard,pak choi, green beans and many varieties
of both summer (zuchinni,yellow crookneck) and winter (butternut,pumpkin,acorn)
squash are all in the ground. We have peppers and eggplant ready to go in, but it has been cold
at night. There are herbs and flowers and fruit trees and bushes all waiting to bloom and fruit.
Our sweet potato will be going into a can this weekend. and I hope to get some more to grow from it.
We have been dividing perennials and spreading them around the yard and weeding and such on all but the rainy days.We are looking forward to a glorious summer Growing Our Own.
Princess has become quite the farm hand. She checks the asparagus every day for any ready to be picked,
lettuce and radishes too. She loves picking the orange mint to put in our iced tea.
It has been nice to sit outside doing our lessons and playing or just reading together on a blanket.
We are hoping to figure out how to make our own hammock this year as ours fell apart. I just refuse to spend another $100.00 to have another one for a couple of years.We got some books from the library,
some fabric from a fellow freecycler and a sewing machine from Great Grandma...should be interesting.
The fig tree has been filled with the sweetest little fledgling birds this week.Their heads are getting less fuzzy
now, but they are still sweet.

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ZILLA said...

I can't wait to see your hammock. I know it's gonna knock our socks off.

Does Princess eat asparagus as readily as she inspects its readiness for picking? I'm just curious -- Mom always said, "It's an acquired taste. Some day, you will LOVE it." She was right. I LOVE asparagus!

It's probably too late this year, but if you haven't tried it yet, next year try planting some Delicata squash. The squash are actually fairly small -- just enough for two, and they are so sweet that the very idea of adding sugar or maple syrup will make your teeth hurt. It's my all-time favorite winter squash simply because eaten plain, it's the healthiest dessert on the planet, even for a Pop Tart adoring sweet-tooth like me!