Sunday, April 20, 2008

This week

was warm (even hot) and sunny. Today is over cast
with some sprinkles and feeling a bit cooler without the sun.
I planted more strawberries (this time in a hanging basket)
yesterday that I received from a fellow freecycler and
put down some more beet seed. We started flowers and
winter squash for up at the community plot. That should really help
out "lack of space" issues.The trees have really started leafing out and
even the bosc pear F.D. thought dead shows signs of life now.We ate some
delicious asparagus, and have more to harvest today.The beans are waiting to be planted
and some corn that is getting big in the little pots.Lots to do this week as always.
Happy Gardening!

1 comment:

ZILLA said...


Guess what I bought today?

A Filbert Contorta! AKA Corkscrew Hazel!!!

And the nuts will be edible!!!