Sunday, April 27, 2008

Things are growing...

Peas, radishes, asparagus, lettuce,chard,mustard greens,
chois,corn,green beans, cukes..all growing.I'm sure the carrots,beets,
and parsnips are as well, I just can't see it. F.D. put up the pea trellis.
We have some chicken wire to discourage the squirrels...seems to work.

The gate is doing it's job so far. No ground hog sightings yet in our yard,
but they are creeping closer in the neighborhood. (I can feel it)
My perennials are popping out all over, and although it has cooled off from
the past week, and it is raining (I love free water!) it is still nice out and spring is here!!
We have flowers on the strawberries, and although the squirrels pulled some out, we re-potted them and are hoping for the best. Our yard has been buzzing with polinators, so we are hopeful we will have a good crop year.

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Frankie said...

Beautiful, cheery, inspiring --

it's supposed to rain with a chance of snow where I live tonight. I have yet to begin on any sort of gardening here. I'm green with envy because your garden is lovely.