Thursday, May 10, 2007

Waiting for the rain...

We have been promised by the local meteorologists, that it will begin raining tonight
and last until tomorrow. I know there are plenty of people for whom this would not be good news, but
we like free water around here! The beans are happily mulched so they will not get splattered by dirt
during the rain and the peas are reaching upward for something to grow on.We're still working on that one.
The lettuce and mustards and chois are all waiting for the rain to begin and the birds are hoping it will fill the birdbath, because I forgot to do it.
The tomato seedlings are doing well and radishes are popping out in their bed.
I went out early today to cut the asparagus that had popped up overnight.
It promises to be delish! All good news to be sure, but there is evil afoot...
to be specific...there has been a GROUNDHOG sighting.
It's not that we hate groundhogs around here, it's just that they can destroy so much so quickly
that we want them to stay away from our garden. They are free to nibble the weeds in the grass,
as we have enough to do without weeding them out, and we are certainly not going to spray them.
I mean seriously, isn't there enough garbage in our water supply? I wish people would think a bit
more carefully before spraying all those poisons around the planet!
Would you like it poured over your head? No? Then maybe, just maybe you shouldn't spray it
on the ground.

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