Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blooming around the yard

The perennials are starting to look lively

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Barbee' said...

Hello Kate,
I came over from Blotanical to read awhile. First I read down your side bar. The little white flowers look like Candy Tuft (Iberis) to me.

Then, I started with your newest post and have read all the way down to here.

Your garden is beautiful. You have what I would love to have. A large, FLAT, sunny, fenced-in area to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

We have ground hog problems here, too, and yesterday we relocated a raccoon that has been causing damage and eating the bird seed in the feeder.

I am so impressed with how much you two have tucked into your yard. You really have a lot going on there and to think you have another plot somewhere else. You are fortunate to have a husband who is interested in growing plants.

I am wondering: do you give your fig tree special protection during the winter?

Those jars of tomatoes bring back memories of my mother canning; I can just smell it.

Your daughter's play area looks so nice with the mulched ground. Is that some of the free mulch from the tree service company?

I have to go now. I surly enjoyed my visit.