Monday, July 8, 2013

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

We harvested our first tomatoes today. An heirloom golden cherry.
 My Great Niece, age 2, came over to help.
 She was not crazy about the plants brushing up against her legs as we walked the paths, but when I told her this is where we get our food, she smiled and said, "I like food."
 She did like touching the lemon verbena.
 Finding the little golden zucchini under the leaf brought a big smile.
 We even saw some green beans surviving despite the constant Ground Hog attack.
Yes, the beast is still digging under my too tall to climb over fence......and she heads right for the beans every single time! I hope your gardens are growing well and you are all taking the time to share the joy of growing your own with some little children. I do believe it is the best way to Keep the Garden IN the Garden State, or whatever state you live in.

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Leann said...

Sharing your love of gardening with little ones is perfect. Teaching them young is how to do it!