Sunday, July 17, 2011

Someone new moved in

We have a relatively small backyard in the suburbs, but we have always had a lot

of wild life we are happy to share our little corner of the Garden State with.

Last week there was a bear in our neighborhood. Yesterday we discovered someone

new moved into the cherry tree in our back yard.

Just when I thought I had outsmarted the bunnies and the chipmunks were my biggest problem this year. (the chipmunks are KILLING me right now!)

I guess we will get used to him just like we did the Opossum family,snakes,hawks,owls,woodpeckers,cardinals,doves,bugs,rabbits,bats,chipmunks,squirrels and occasional deer and wild turkey, and all the neighborhood children.

I love my wild life, but I am missing the neighbor's old cat,George who did a lovely job keeping the chipmunks under control until he passed away this spring. I guess we will get used to our little racoon as well. Do you consider such creatures pests or neighbors?

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