Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blogging Issues

I am having them. These are possibly Kate induced,
and not "Blogger" issues, OK, those who know me in
real life, know these are entirely "Kate"
I take pics, I write posts, I just can't get them all together.
It is possibly related to my inability to write a sentence
without using a comma. ;-)
I am trying to get my act together to post about the food growing in
my backyard, as well as the furniture I started painting in my backyard,
and some really yummy vintage finds.
But it is hot and humid here in my corner of the Garden State and I have a
pile of library books to read, a schoolroom to reorganize, and the attention span
of a toddler. I hope you are all doing well,wherever you all are.
I promise to be over soon with my iced coffee in hand...soon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Retire Ronald McDonald

I have so much to do today, and so much to blog about, but all that must be
pushed aside to ask for some help today. That's right we need your help.
My friends over at Corporate Accountability International called me last night
asking me to make a phone call. I did. I am asking you to do the same.
If you are concerned with the rising obesity in America's youth (ok all of us)
if it just ticks you off that McDonald's lure our kids in with toys to a possible lifetime
of health issues , call. There is more info here
Retire Ronald and here
Value the Meal.
They were very polite when I called, please behave in kind. ;-)"