Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blogging Issues

I am having them. These are possibly Kate induced,
and not "Blogger" issues, OK, those who know me in
real life, know these are entirely "Kate"
I take pics, I write posts, I just can't get them all together.
It is possibly related to my inability to write a sentence
without using a comma. ;-)
I am trying to get my act together to post about the food growing in
my backyard, as well as the furniture I started painting in my backyard,
and some really yummy vintage finds.
But it is hot and humid here in my corner of the Garden State and I have a
pile of library books to read, a schoolroom to reorganize, and the attention span
of a toddler. I hope you are all doing well,wherever you all are.
I promise to be over soon with my iced coffee in hand...soon.


Ange said...

No guilt. You've got lots of good reasons for finding it hard to blog. Not sure why we all fizzled out around the same time, but it's all good.
Did you get a ton of tomatoes this year? If not, need some?

R Dean said...

Hey worries..I have an occasional blog-oblem to...Love the picture of the tomato's...we are swimming in a variety this season..we feel blessed...Will have to catch up on your blog...looks like you've been busy!!! R Dean

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Looking forward to having you back. Seems that just about everyone has needed a bit of a break this summer.
♥, Susan