Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our organic backyard garden

Stone bunny under the raspberries... Princess's primroses like it there too.
Seedlings in the greenhouse..
I moved some hostas to the back corner...

I think they look happy here. Don't you?
The azaleas are all blooming now

Our squirrels had babies...they are super cute!

My broccoli raab is coming up

so are my peas, radishes,lettuce and spinach.


black eyed susans kitchen said...

Everything is looking good in your gardens, Kate! Broccoli rabe is a favorite of mine and for some reason we have never grown any...hmmm. Now you have me thinking...and I also have to move a few hostas that for some strange reason started growing in a fairly sunny to the back yard they will go. Have a wonderful weekend.
♥, Susan

kitchen tables said...

Your garden looks good! I envy it. My garden is still in the process. I hope it will do good.