Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garden State Harvest

Just a bit if what we're harvesting right now...zucchini, cucumber,

greyzinni, yellow squash, cabbage,green beans,swiss chard,lettuce,beets,carrots,

peas, gooseberries, currants, black berries, golden raspberries....


black eyed susans kitchen said...

So good to see you back, Kate. You are having one bountiful harvest! Your gardens are way ahead of ours. We have some nice baby carrots and of course the zucchinis, chard and celery. Green beans galore, but some of the other stuff is taking its sweet time. I am a little envious of all you berries. It all looks lovely and is probably delicious.
♥, Susan

SueLovesCherries said...

Hi Kate! Hope your wires are dry now. My veggie garden stinks this year - I'm guessing it's the cooler, rainier weather we've been having. My squashes are just flowering this week, believe it or not!

I like your cabbage stand! And your gooseberries look so yummy! I'd love one of those plants someday.

SNJGardener said...

I've been picking green beans and cukes, no maters or peppers yet. - Dave

zilla said...

You GO!

My lettuces bolted mid-June.

I've picked one perfect tomato, three misshapen but oh-so-flavorful strawberries, and lots of basil.

Two of my three eggplants are producing, but the skins of the fruit on one plant are imperfect and the fruit on the other plants has fallen to the ground -- so tragic, and I have no idea the cause. So, I reverted to planting flowering shrubs: spirea, viburnum.

Got back from Italy to find the basil in flower. Is basil any good after it flowers?

Ange said...

My basil's flowering, Zilla. It might be a little skunky, but gonna use it anyhow.

Kate! Great harvest!
I'm heading out to grab up some green beans before they get too big to bother, but wanted to stop in and see how your garden's doing.
Absolutely sure you've been busy.
Can't wait to see the rest.