Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

My friend Sue, participates in Colorado Lady's
Vintage Thingie Thursday, and every week, I intend to join
in. This week, I was all ready, when I realized, there was a "theme".
"What was I thinking?"
Now, those who know my "homeschooling" side, know how much I love a theme,
but I couldn't think of one single "what was I thinking?" item in my house.
I'm quite sure Farmer Dad could, but he's at work, and this is my blog, so I got nothing.
Instead, I will show you a vintage thing I am happy he brought home.
To be fair, it started as a "what were you thinking" item, for sure.... this green vase
and the green candy dish to the left of it.The vase came from Great Grandma's.
He brought it home with a bunch of other vintage vases, not long after buying a bunch of vintage vases along with the green candy dish .I love the vases, don't get me wrong, but how many does one house need? We don't usually buy cut flowers. He does cut some from the yard, like these
lilacs. That tree/bush/tree, is also vintage.
The little yellow candy dish is also vintage and from my Great Grandmother's, but
I picked that and brought it home, because can you ever have too many candy dishes? ;-)
Be sure to check out all the other bloggers who have joined in VTT this week over at Colorado Lady's blog, even if you don't join in your self.


Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Fun topic for a blog meme.
Maybe I'll join in.
Love the cut flowers in the vase...very pretty.

zilla said...

What are people THINKING these days, eating Runts and Dots and Twizzlers right out of the cornsarnded bag??? Brutes! Boors! They ought to be banish-ed from the enjoyment of sweets and confections!

(My candy dish is pseudo-vintage -- $10 on eBay to find out it's available at many Dollar Stores. I do have a vintage ashtray, but I would never defile it with a stinkerette butt. I use the smaller, ugly, amber 1970s ashtray for that. Helps me smoke less!)