Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Groundhog

He is still stealing, but at least now it is just from the compost pile.
This is what I saw earlier this week...

a bit of foraging....

the moment he hears the camera...sniffing the air to locate the sound..

the escape (he actually had a hunk of mater in his mouth)

Seeing me before turning tail to run.
The good news is, he hasn't been inside the garden since we fixed the fence!
He normally wouldn't go in the bin, but I had just dumped one bowl of tomato ends
and was heading into the house for the next load when he stopped by.Normally it
would all get covered with a dry layer and he wouldn't know it was there.
Canning means more compost able waste is made at one time, more than one trip out to
the compost bin for me, and apparently a late afternoon snack for our local terrorist.
That's what our neighborhood calls him.
He is pretty cute, although I wish he would stop eating my echinacea!


Naomi said...

I felt bad throwing away all the tomato skins, so I dried them in the oven on baking sheets using very low heat then ground them up in my coffee/spice grinder. Kinda like a oven roasted tomato topping for whatever. I know. I'm wierd.

zilla said...

I don't mean this unkindly, but that groundhog is FAT!

Outer Banks Mom said...

Hahahah! The guy is sneeky and I agree with zilla, he IS fat! Cute pics.

Poppy and Mei said...

He is a very fat little cutie...I like it...I can relate...;P XXxx