Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weeding,wildlife and food

Is there more to gardening than that?
Weeding found a few more butternut squash babies growing in other places in the garden.They are my favorite squash.
We had a lovely break in all the heat, and then free water fell from
the sky to moisten the garden.And it kept falling for two days....sometimes quite heavily.
I hope free water falls where you need it too.


Edward Ott said...

other than my fig trees my little harvest has been so bad. ants gpt into my tomatoes. birds into the eggplant.

Outer Banks Mom said...

Beautiful picture of the rain. Is that a cedar tree? It's amazing!

ZILLA said...

Weeding, wildlife, food, and art. Don't forget art.

We could use a little more free water. I had to sprinkle some flowers and shrubs today as they were looking stressed :-(

Package went out today, btw.