Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Fence

Finally we have a slightly taller fence
that will hopefully keep the grounhogs out.
Farmer Dad even made a gate!
He is very proud of his handiwork,
especially since he only used bits and pieces
we had lying around. We still have a lot to do in
the yard to be ready for this year, but we are
getting a lot done as well.He plans on re-using
the old fence at the community garden plot.
This gate makes me miss our old arbor that
was taken out in a Nor'easter years ago.


divina said...

I've started visiting this blog recently and I enjoy it quite a bit. Happy Spring!

Farmer Dad said...

Thanks for stopping by. My wife does a great job with this site. I visit everyday from work wishing I was home.
We will have to schedule an intervention.
Good Gardening!
Farmer Dad