Friday, August 19, 2011

Too busy weeding to blog

just take a look around for yourselves... the weeds are trying to take over the yard. I spend so much time trying to stay ahead
of them, that I have no time to blog or to visit your blogs. This makes me sad.

Remember me telling you the pumpkin was taking over?

It has some competition from my favorite winter squash of all...

Butternut Squash!!

We are actually getting some tomatoes this year...although not as many as I would like. How are your gardens doing? Have you been canning? I have been canning green beans and

shredding squash and zucchini to fill the freezer for winter goodness.

Hopefully I will have enough tomatoes to can soon. The weeds are growing after the rain we have been getting, so off I go to pull them out by their little roots!

My apologies my friends...I will be by to visit with you all soon. I promise!